Greystones CSSM 14th - 26th July 2019

How to register your child for CSSM

It is best to use a computer to complete this process

1. Register yourself as a user on this site

2. Once you are registered, select "make a booking"

3. Select "type" : "missions"

4. Select "event": "Greystones CSSM 2019"

5. Add attendees (please note, if adding a previous attendee you must edit their details to include CSSM consent") Please ensure class is correct.

6. Accept terms and conditions

7. Check details on page 2 and confirm booking

8. You will receive a confirmation email if completed successfully

Register Here

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Special Needs and Medical Conditions

Special Needs

CSSM welcomes all school going children however if your child has a particular special need then please note the following:

-       CSSM is run by volunteers from all walks of life so they do not have any particular training in looking after children with special needs.

-       We are unable to offer one on one assistance for a child with special needs so if your child would usually have such assistance then you are welcome to attend with them.

-       If your child has a special need and you would like them to attend CSSM please speak to the main leader (Alison Gill) or the group leader for their age group and make them aware of their need so that a plan can be made for their best care.

Medical Care

-       With permission from the parent CSSM will assist a child with the administering of asthma inhalers and EpiPens however where a child would need other medication during the 90minute session then a parent must be present